by Edward F Butler

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An EP to give you a taste of what 2016 has in store. Thanks to funding from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and Princes Trust UK, I am releasing music over the next year. Every Month a new song and Video, every three months and EP, and then at the end of the year, all the best moments will form a wonderfully Arty Visual Album.


released January 5, 2016

Written by Edward F Butler, with help from Katharine Philippa, Koichi Samuels, Andy Harrison and The Norfolk Collective.
Produced Mixed and Mastered by Matt Duke at The Coal House
Art Work by Edward F Butler



all rights reserved


Edward F Butler Norwich, UK

Daily Mirror NI, No3 Track of The Year 2015, The Thin Air One To Watch

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Track Name: Futures Full (feat.Katharine Philippa)
Futures Full

We've got big hearts that needs to be healed
With time were dragging our heals,
It's been a wasted youth, wistful and true

Have you paid for sovereignty
Are Futures Full of Fools and Thieves?
Have you given in to greed
Our Fortunes Full of Fools and Thieves!

What are these feelings to you?
Spent money more than I had, went in debt
For you, love lost too, sick of it all.

We are left lonelier than lust
We are dead doubting our debts of love
We left with Fortune Full of Fools.
A Future Full of Fools

Have you paid for sovereignty
Are Futures Full of Fools and Thieves?
Have you given in to greed
Our Fortunes Full of Fools and Thieves!
Track Name: Kinfolk
Get me out of this cage
I'd like to fly some day,
Get me out this cage
I'd like to fly someday

Take this bow, heavy it might be.
Shoot an arrow, a hair above me
Wrap around the Willow
Wrap around a tree

Take a bullet a bullet from a gun
Aim it at no one, sometimes aims are for no man

Take me out of this place, my darling, take me away from this, take me away from this.

Get me out of this, place, I'd like to sleep soundly one day

Tables have turned,
Tables have turned,
Lessons will be learned, that's a promise
That's why you won't see me
Running down this road, out of control, running around

Hate me, take me, take me for all I am take me for all I am.
Track Name: Bank Heist Debut
I’m a dreamer
when you’re a deceiver
and its all gone to blows
blows your motives
your motives are foiled
I'm a lover
when it rains all over your plans
your bank heist debut
I never knew what got into you
don’t break into the vaults
when the money is all too near to you
is all you need love or is it more
is it worth fighting for
Blood rushes to the finish line of your mother's memoirs when
The last ink spot is blot then, she knocks at death's door,
The son hidden as a distant visionary wants more than just the memories.
Track Name: Running From Fears
As the rumours are read, you stop being yourself
Losing sleep from trying to fit in
I am dying here to cast out fear those deadly years, yet ones so free
I sold my fears, running for years

Coming home, wondering why your passions left your alibi

My heart is dead as you know yourself, I am better dead to grant you a better health,
I sold my fears running for years.

We Graffitied gravestones made love to loved ones and wrote our names in the sand.

Running from Fears, took you for granted for years.